Resources for Faculty

Funding and grant-writing workshops: Faculty interested in identifying funding to support the further development of research or innovation into a viable product should check out our RESEARCH & GRANTS web page. CIED will provide a variety of workshops through the year to help faculty apply for grant funding to support their innovation.  

Innovations and intellectual property: CIED encourages faculty to talk to the Industry Alliances and Technology Commercialization (IATC) Office if they think that any of their research may involve an invention. Faculty should be aware of their obligations for filing invention disclosures through IATC. More information about how to protect your intellectual property (IP) can be found on the IATC website and by talking to IATC staff. CIED will assist with workshops related to protecting IP and entering into joint studies agreement with industry.

Faculty involvment in Entrepreneurship Academy: Faculty are encouraged to participate in our summer Entrepreneurship Academy to work with students on customer and business discovery. Participation in the academy is free for faculty and provides an opportunity to work with leading entrepreneurs and industry experts to learn how to transition innovations from the laboratory into a viable product, startup, non-profit or social enterprise. Please send an inquiry to Director Sue Carter at if you are interested in getting involved.