Summer Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA)

The third annual Summer Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA), a course on entrepreneurship at UC Santa Cruz, covers eight weeks from June 25 to August 17, 2018. Co-taught by CIED Director Sue Carter and Nada Miljkovic, instructor at Crown College, SEA (Crown 90, Section 70943) is a five-credit, general education course based on Steve Blank’s Lean LaunchPad and the NSF I-Corps program.

Students build teams with one student as entrepreneurial lead and are assigned mentors based on their business ideas. Students receive funding, either from the NSF I-Corps grant to CIED as an NSF I-Corps Site or from the IDEA Hub to aid them in the main course task of “getting out of the building” to interview potential customers each week. Based on feedback, they adjust and hone their business value propositions. Teams prepare weekly slide decks based on the lessons learned from customer discovery and present these during the Friday afternoon webinars. The first on-site, all-day, kick-off and last on-site, all-day, final-presentation classes take place in the Baskin School of Engineering E2 building, conference room 599.

Learn more about the National Science Foundation I-Corps grant funding of STEM research commercialization that SEA students may qualify for and about other funding for innovation and entrepreneurship via the SEA course at the SEA web site.

National Science Foundation Innovation-Corps