UC Santa Cruz has launched several startup companies based on UC Santa Cruz IP that operate in Santa Cruz, Silicon Valley, and beyond. The Office of Management of Intellectual Property maintains a list of UC Santa Cruz Inventions that are available for licensing.  

  • CruzFoam Logo


    sustainable, biodegradable foam made from the chitin of shrimp shells to replace polyurethane and polystyrene
  • Soliculture Greenhouse


    Innovative Solar Panels and other technologies for Ag-tech

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    Five 3 Genomics

    A suite of rapid sequence analysis algorithms that enables clinically actionable mutations to be identified within a matter of hours, rather than weeks.

  • Two Pore Guys Logo

    Two Pore Guys

    Nanopore technologies that examine molecules and polymers used for applications ranging from genome sequencing to medical diagnostics.

  • Dovetail Genomics

    Dovetail Genomics

    In vitro method for constructing long-range sequencing libraries whose inserts span all distances up to the size of the input DNA. 

  • Maverix Biomics

    Maverix Biomics

    An intuitive, easy-to-use platform that combines proven methods with relevant public and private data, allowing life science researchers to analyze, visualize, interrogate, and manage next generation sequencing data to accelerate exploration and discovery.