Slug Tank 2017

Banana slug 2010 photo contest winner, Banana Slug Check, by then-PhD student Lauren Lui, Kresge Town Hall photo by undergraduate Raine Villa

CIED’s third annual business-pitch competition returns this fall, renamed Slug Tank! Have a great business idea and want to win $500 (four best business pitches) or $200 (up to two honorable mentions)? Enter this competition!

Slug Tank
Wednesday, November 29, 2017
6–8 p.m.
Kresge Town Hall
Free and open to the public (parking permits or fees apply)
Pizza and sodas provided!

The first round of competition involves submitting a video of your business pitch to CIED to determine finalists who get to compete live on November 29:

  • The video may be any video file format (.mp4, .wmv, and so on).
  • Maximum pitch length is three minutes. Theres no need to state your name or introduce team members; just launch into the pitch!
  • You may enter as a sole proprietor (individually) or as a team (see below for further info).
  • For optimal results, have a friend or team member video your pitch.
  • Identify the individual or team leader submitting the pitch by renaming the video file to this format:


    For example, STPS2017_Slug_Sammy_AwesomeSlimeBiz.wmv

  • Share the video with CIED by uploading it to your personal Google drive and sharing it with “Can edit” permission with both Sue Carter ( and Sonya Newlyn (
  • Register for the competition and enter the share link for your video in the appropriate field of the registration form.

If you have a team, every person on the team must register. The team leader uses the registration form above for uploading the video. Every other team member uses this form to register.

CIED will announce the finalists (usually no more than 16 business ideas) by November 27. Whether or not you or your team make it into the live competition, plan to attend, as the audience gets to vote and help decide the winners. A panel of entrepreneur judges will select the top four pitches from the audience top vote-getters. Audience voting will also influence judge selection of up to two honorable mentions. The judges may elect to “save” one pitch not among the audience top vote recipients and award that individual or team a best or honorable mention win. If you or your team do make it into the live competition on November 29, invite your friends to attend and vote! Slug Tank Pitch Slam is free and open to the public, and pizza and sodas are complimentary!

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