Pitch Slam 2016

Pitch Slam! 2016 Honorable Mentions and Winners with Sue Carter, director of CIED (4th from left)

Pitch Slam! returned for its 2nd annual outing: Watch a short video of Pitch Slam 2016 on CIED’s YouTube channel.

Cowell/Stevenson Dining Commons
November 29, 2017
6 p.m.

CIED’s second crop of student entrepreneurs entertained the audience and entrepreneurial judges with their lively business pitches from handheld technological devices to software applications, and everyone got to enjoy pizza and sodas between the two groups of presenters. The pitched businesses did everything from test crops for microtoxins (Mycologics), get your home hydroponic garden growing (Urbavore), provide a cloud platform for musicians to collaborate (Midinote), match artisans and craftspeople with students (Aha!), track the motion of a device on weights and log form and repetitions online (Barbell Tracking), provide project management for open-source development (Smart Contract Open Source), acquire and manage emails (Plume), analyze plants for CO2 absorption (Green Seedling Technologies), to produce power from solar patio umbrellas and picnic tables (Formula Slug Solar).

Our entrepreneur judges were:

  • Glenn Alers, CEO of Soliculture and Professor of Physics
  • Alireza Chavosh, Post-Doctoral Scholar and Instructor of Technology and Information Management
  • Ronnie Lipschutz, Provost of Rachel Carson College and Professor of Politics
  • Liz Mackellar, Product Strategy Consultant, Market Research Manager, New Ventures Leader

Pitch Slam! 2016 Entrepreneur Judges: Glenn Alers, Liz Mackellar, Alireza Chavosh, and Ronnie Lipschutz

Pitch Slam! 2016 entrepreneur judges left to right: Glenn Alers, Liz Mackellar, Alireza Chavosh, and Ronnie Lipschutz

The audience voted for the best pitch in our two groups of competitors via text messaging, and the judges panel selected the top four business ideas to receive $500 each and two honorable mentions to receive $200 each from the audience's top vote-getters. The judges were allowed and used one save out of the business ideas not selected by the audience.

Winners ($500 to each team)

  • Aether by Pavle Jeremic
  • Mycologics by Hannah Meyers
  • Plume by Chase Armer
  • Real Time by Vernon Coleman and Kevin Robertson

Honorable Mentions ($200 to each team)

  • Barbell Trainer (motion-tracking device) by Wuyuan Chen and Rohan Jobanputra
  • Green Seedling Technologies by Lydia Seymour

Lydia Seymour of Green Seedling Technologies (honorable mention), Wuyuan Chen and Rohan Jobanputra of Barbell Tracking (honorable mention), Sue Carter, Hannah Meyers of Mycologics (winner), Chase Armer of Plume (winner), Pavle Jeremic of Aether (winner), and Kevin Robertson and Vernon Coleman of Real Time (winner)

Left to right: Lydia Seymour (honorable mention for Green Seedling Technologies), Wuyuan Chen and Rohan Jobanputra (honorable mention for Barbell Tracking), Sue Carter, Hannah Meyers (winner for Mycologics), Chase Armer (winner for Plume), Pavle Jeremic (winner for Aether), and Kevin Robertson and Vernon Coleman (winners for Real Time)

CIED congratulates our 2nd annual Pitch Slam winners! These winners and honorable mentions will be invited to take their business idea to the next level with mentoring to prepare for and compete in CIED’s Business Design Showcase on April 18, 2017, at the Silicon Valley Campus.

All competitors at Pitch Slam! 2016

All competitors in Pitch Slam! 2016, left to right, back row standing: Isaac Davidove (Midinote), Jesse Villegas (Midinote), Vernon Coleman (Real Time), Kevin Robertson (Real Time), Hannah Meyers (Mycologics), Adam Novak (Smart Contract Open Source Development and Management), Rohan Jobanputra (Barbell Tracking), Surya Kar (Urbavore), Casey Colella (Urbavore), Isabel Stumfall (Urbavore), Aaron Storrs (Urbavore); left to right, front row kneeling: Dustin Palea (Aha!), Jordan Liss (Aha!), Chase Armer (Plume), Wuyuan Chen (Barbell Tracking), William Cheng (Urbavore), Derek Quiroz (Formula Slug Solar), Lydia Seymour (Green Seedling Technologies), Pavle Jeremic (Aether)

Great job by all contestants! Watch a short video of Pitch Slam 2016 on CIED’s YouTube channel.