Hack UCSC 2016

Santa Cruz Tech Beat Photo by Jan Janes of Hack UCSC 2016 Awards Dinner Guests, University Center

Hack UCSC 2016 took place January 29-31, 2016, in Colleges Nine and Ten Multi-Purpose Room (MPR) and was a huge success with over 550 participants!

These teams won the following categories:

  • Innovation: any project that tackles a problem or idea with a unique technical solution. For example, a game for finding roommates, an app for finding an exercise class, a website that collects and shows data for a cause, etc.
    1. FocusVR*: Azad Balabanian, Joe Goldin, Brent Hickey, Alisia Martinez, Jeremy Saal
      FocusVR puts you in your own customized Virtual Environment. Be it by the beach, in the sky, or in space, you'll feel energized and focused to concentrate on the task at hand. With Leap Tracking Technologies, we bring an ordinary pencil into VR for you to write with.
    2. transcripter: Teo Fleming, Arnaud Gallardo*
      The website allows you to log, create a meeting room and invite people to it. Once you are done inviting everyone, you can push the start button, and it will start recording the speech of every invited user. You can pause the meeting, or stop the meeting. Once stopped, you will be able to see the text recording again or download a text version of it.
    3. Convene*: Chris Antoun, Matthew Antoun, Rob Martin, Aaron Springer
      Don't go alone! Find new friends centered around your favorite activities!
    4. Loop Watch*: Alexander Au, Chloe Jiang, Andrew Lien, Kevin Wu, Max Zhao
      A hybrid application that gives contextual information about the nearest loop buses at UCSC.
  • Tech Cares**: any project with a focus on solving social, agricultural, or environmental issues. Winners will be able to donate to their favorite non-profit from a separate fund from Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County.
    1. Gotcho Back*: Tiffany Luong, Richard Pham, Ryan Shee
      The app notifies the user's loved ones or law enforcement when the user does not reach their location within a designated time frame.
    2. FBSecure*: Ray Chen, Cole Faust, Peter Herniman
      FBSecure encrypts your messages on Facebook Messenger, protecting your privacy and your friends' privacy.
    3. OnWatch*: Juan D. Cardozo, Jerry Ku, Anthony Pan, Garrett Stoll, Weibin Zhong
      OnWatch benefits those who find themselves in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation and need a quick discreet way to ask for help. It will give notice to the user's preset emergency contacts informing them of the user's current situation along with his/her location via Google Maps. The user has the option to choose four settings: safe, alert, threat, and "911."
    4. HuatLah!: See Ting Goh, Han Lynn, Nicholas Ooi Hsieng Loong
      Connecting the community by creating an ecosystem between retailers, people, and beneficiaries (needy) with HuatLah.
  • Labor Tech: a project that helps companies improve working conditions.
    1. OUR WalMart CONNECT: Jenny Kwok*, David Phan
      Mobile app to empower employees by providing real time worker support through integrated chat, forum, & info library.
    2. Reveal: Sean Blum*, Alyson Blume, Robert Shelansky*
      A Google Chrome browser extension that puts information about a company's labor practices in a simple and easy-to-digest manner directly onto any item for sale on an ecommerce page.
    3. Contractr: Karan Wadhera, Shuai Zhu*
      Contractr lets independent contractors find more work and discuss sociopolitical and economical issues in their field.
    4. CoPower*: Daniel Berezin, Nelson Ramirez
      Empowers workers with communication tools and conflict data from the local working community and beyond.
  • Pebble Watch app: HealthNet: Sean Dougher*, Michael Gates*, Peter Master, Brian Nichols*
    Health Analytics and Sleep Rating Pebble Watch app for users to monitor their sleep, physical activity, and mood, and see correlations between the three.
  • Calliope Waterworks: Watergate*: Lourdes Morales, Zak Rubin, Blake Skinner, Sean-Ryan Smith
    Leverage the internet of things to save water by stopping leaks more efficiently. Watergate detects and stops water leaks in pipes.
  • Seebright: Subtitles for Reality*: Julian Iglesias, Ryan Sheriff
    Seamless translation for multiple languages.
  • Seabright ViralNobody! Prize next year is doubled!
  • Inboard: SCDrift*: Yu-hsiang Lo, Aidan McClelland, Aaron Ramirez, Benjamin Ran, Hunter Rodriguez
    SCDrift is an android application that collects data from an Arduino kit strapped to a longboard. It detects when you are sliding/drifting, then scores you based on how strong your slide was.
  • Social Media Prize*: Vijay Pala's Tweet of banana photo

* Denotes entirely UCSC student team or UCSC student.

** Community Foundation Santa Cruz County sponsored the Tech Cares category by allowing the top three winners in this category to choose local non-profits for CFSCC donations. They chose as follows:

Gotcho Back:

  • $1000 YWCA Watsonville
  • $1000 Warming Center

FBSecure: $1000 Electronic Freedom Foundation

OnWatch: $1000 Digital Nest

Steve BlankSerial entrepreneur Steve Blank of Lean LaunchPad kicked off the three-day event with motivational and entrepreneurial insight on Friday, January 29.

After two and a half days of coding, code freeze occurred Sunday, January 31, at noon, at which time judging commenced, winners were announced, and winners presented their winning applications. The winners then joined Hack UCSC planning staff, sponsors, and UCSC VIPs at the Awards Dinner upstairs in University Center.

Tomer KaganAwards Dinner speakers included Bonnie Lipscomb, Director of Economic Development for the City of Santa Cruz; Bud Colligan, CEO of South Swell Ventures; Lance Linares, CEO of the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz County; and the keynote address by alumnus Tomer Kagan (BS Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology '05), CEO of Quixey.

Check out UCSC student Connor MacDonald's video pastiche of Hack UCSC, featuring some photos of the event by student Hanifah Solachuddin!

And check out this video by Hack organizer and co-founder Doug Erickson!

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