Business Design Showcase 2016

Sponsor Kamil Hasan with 1st-place Raven by Reflex Robotics team members Enes Mentese, Zubeyir Mentese, Seongdo Kim

The 4th annual Business Design Showcase returned as a more intense, invitation-only business-plan competition, and was a smash success at:

TiE Silicon Valley | 415 Oakmead Parkway | Sunnyvale
Tuesday | April 12, 2016 | 3:30 to 6:30 PM

Naeem ZafarSixteen teams consisting of one to six people, the sole or lead member of which had to be a UCSC graduate or undergraduate student, competed in this year's Business Design Showcase competition. The individuals or teams turned in their business plans by April 9 and gave their PowerPoint presentations before a judges panel of entrepreneurs on April 12. The judges selected 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Following the judging, all competing businesses displayed their product or service prototypes and gave their 5-minute-or-less pitches in an open forum reception at the Business Design Showcase, starting at 3:30 PM in the conference space of TiE Silicon Valley. Attendees of the Business Design Showcase voted with their Slug Bucks seed-funding money for the People's Choice Award. Serial entrepreneur and UC Berkeley Haas Business School instructor Naeem Zafar gave the keynote address, and the winner of the People's Choice Award, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st places were announced during the Showcase.

CIED's entrepreneur judges:

  • Brandon Allgood (PhD 2005), Co-Founder and CTO, Numerate, Inc., and UCSC Trustee
  • Alice Armitage, Professor, UC Hastings College of Law Startup Legal Garage
  • Juan-Antonio Carballo, Senior Manager of Enterprise, Advanced Micro Devices, and Member, Band of Angels
  • James Davis, Founder, Bellus3D, and Professor, UC Santa Cruz Computer Science
  • Satish Gupta, CEO, Sen-Sen Networks
  • Nada Miljkovic (MFA 2009), Founder, Artists on Art, and Instructor, UC Santa Cruz Crown College and KZSC Radio
  • Einar Vollset, Founder of Outreach Signals & AppAftercare

Winning businesses:

  • 1st Place: $4000
    Raven by Reflex Robotics: Enes Mentese, Founder & CEO, Lead Hardware Engineer; Abdo Babukr, Co-Founder, Lead Embedded Systems Engineer; Seongdo Kim, Co-Founder, Lead Software Engineer; Brent Bucci, Public Relations & Marketing; Zubeyir Mentese, Marketing, Testing, and Business Development
    Raven by Reflex Robotics Graphic  Zubeyir Mentese of Raven by Reflex Robotics, 1st Place
    Using Nvidia's Tegra X1, Raven is the world's first wearable AI-powered robotic cameraman. On your GoPro camera, Raven locks on, tracks, and captures footage of any moving object without having to touch the camera.
  • 2nd Place: $3000
    Transcripter: Arnaud Gallardo and Teo Fleming, Co-Founders
    Sponsor Kamil Hasan with 2nd-place Transcripter members Teo Fleming and Arnaud Gallardo
    Teo Fleming of Transcripter, 2nd Place  Arnaud Gallardo of Transcripter, 2nd Place
    A voice-recognition web site, Transcripter interprets and transcribes business meetings in real-time. Featuring several languages, Transcripter is compatible with a wide variety of users, offers multiple log-in options, and requires minimal setup. Transcripter uses natural language processing to locate and highlight important ideas and details within the full transcript. In the works: American Sign Language transcription.
  • 3rd Place: $2000
    Convene: Rob Martin, Co-Founder & Designer; Chris Antoun, Matthew Antoun, and Aaron Springer, Co-Founders & Developers
    BDS Judge Satish Gupta with 3rd-place Convene members Aaron Springer, Matthew Antoun, Rob Martin, and Chris Antoun
    Robert Martin of Convene, 3rd Place  Aaron Springer of Convene, 3rd Place  Aaron Springer and Rob Martin of Convene, 3rd Place
    Do what you love, but don't do it alone. Convene organizes ad-hoc events for people with matching passions. Whether you're in town for a week or building a new life in a new city, Convene makes it easy to enjoy yourself and build meaningful friendships.
  • People's Choice Award: $1000
    Neighborhood: Neil Raman, Co-Founder & Director of Business Development; Louis Chatta, Co-Founder & CEO; and CJ Avery, Co-Founder & CTO
    People's Choice Award winner Neighborhood members CJ Avery, Neil Raman, and Louis Chatta with CIED Director Sue Carter
    People's Choice winner Neighborhood: CJ Avery, Louis Chatta, Neil Raman  People's Choice winner Neighborhood: CJ Avery, Louis Chatta, Neil Raman
    A location-based, social application, Neighborhood connects college students by centralizing campus communication. From textbook exchanges and quick tutoring to ride sharing and organizing pick-up basketball games, your campus is now your own Neighborhood!
  • Judges' Honorable Mention: $300
    Coco's Underarm Potion: Sofia Vermeulen, Founder
    CIED Director Sue Carter with Judges' Honorable Mention Coco's Underarm Potion founder Sofia Vermeulen
    All-natural, environmentally friendly, and healthy, Coco's Underarm Potion is your effective alternative to the typical deodorant.
  • Judges' Honorable Mention: $300Anthony Palavi of Eva Kava, Judges' Honorable Mention
    Eva Kava: Anthony Palavi, Founder
    CIED Director Sue Carter with Judges' Honorable Mention Eva Kava founder Anthony Palavi
    A non-alcoholic relaxation beverage, Eva Kava is made from the root of the kava plant. Kava's active ingredient, kavalactone, provides the consumer with a mild euphoria and slight buzz.
  • People's Choice Honorable Mention (missed People's Choice Award by a mere 13 Slug Bucks with over 280 Slug Bucks received)
    UniTea: Chase Armer, Co-Founder, CEO, and CTO; Erica Lee, Co-Founder, CFO; Jeff Zhang, Co-Founder, CMO
    CIED Director Sue Carter with People's Choice Honorable Mention UniTea members Chase Armer, Erica Lee, and Jeffrey Zhang
    A home appliance, UniTea consists of Boba Makers and signature T-Cups. The Boba Maker delivers a perfect blend of creamy Boba milk tea and chewy tapioca pearls into the T-Cup at the push of a button.

Check out a video of the event at CIED's YouTube Channel by ReydeReyes Productions.

Businesses competing:

  • artists.comESUNET's Nse Akang pitches to a guest, Eva Kava's Anthony Palavi in backgroundFocusVR
  • Club Connect
  • Coco's Underarm Potion
  • Convene
  • Elder-Bot
  • Eva Kava
  • FocusVR
  • Me
  • NeighborhoodAlex Tai and Alex Price of SmartMix
  • Raven by Reflex Robotics
  • SmartMix
  • TOXense
  • Transcripter
  • Triton
  • UniTea

Co-Sponsored by:

UCSC Trustee Kamil Hasan and Talat Hasan

TiE Silicon Valley
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